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Casino frauds

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Top Rated Online Casinos 2024

overall rating:

Highest reward

Unlimited Deposit Bonus

Withdrawal speed

Withdrawal speed

98 points




overall rating:

Highest reward

Referral Bonus

Withdrawal speed

Withdrawal speed

95 points




Dafabet lgogo


A stable live casino system, beautiful live dealers, and diverse gaming modes make players love it.

fun88 online casino


An online casino with a long history, it has been in operation for many years. However, due to inconsistent agents, it has received many negative reviews. Despite this, the platform is user-friendly and offers many discounts.

Raja567 LOGO


It is famous for the crazy discounts offered by its agents. The more money you deposit, the more rewards you receive. The turnover requirement is generally not high, but the discounts are available for a limited time.

10Cric LOGO


After 2020, a new online casino will rise to a phenomenal level, offering cutting-edge content and an attractive website.

Sky247 logo


An online casino with a long history, it is an old platform that almost all players have tried. However, due to varying levels of service quality, opinions on it are polarized.

UDM Online Casino Recommended

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Online casinos with welcome bonuses.

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Online Casinos with Registration bonus

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Get ₹100 upon sign up

Latest Reviews

How to Avoid Being Scammed in Online Casino

How Long

How Long

An online casino's long-term operation is closely tied to its services, so if it has been running for a long time, it is usually safe and fast to withdraw cash.



New online casinos are often associated with scam online casinos, as they either have no reviews or negative reviews circulating all over the Internet.



Juari7 verifies and certifies online casinos based on firsthand testing and long-term observation, including successful deposits and withdrawals, as well as high-quality services.

JA Certification

JA Certification

By selecting platforms certified by Juari7, customers can seek assistance from Juari7's customer service personnel in case they encounter withdrawal issues.

What is an online casino? And does it also have a cash version and a Debit Card Online Casino?

Cash Online Casino

Cashing method

Integrating with third-party payment gateway to directly cash out game points.

How to distinguish

  • You can directly top up your account on the official website with a 1:1 currency exchange rate.
  • The games are diverse and the system has many options, allowing players to find their favorite games.
  • Deposits are required before playing any games.
  • There are plenty of promotional events and reasonable wagering requirements.

Casino App

Cashing method

Trading through unofficial channels with currency merchants outside of the game for cash redemption

How to distinguish​

  • Available for download on App Store or Google Play platform.
  • Unable to cash out directly on official website.
  • Relatively limited variety of game types.
  • Often advertised on television.

Debit Card Online Casino

Cashing method

Settlement can be done on a monthly, weekly, or credit basis.

How to distinguish​

  • Payment can be made after playing the game.
  • The betting amount for a single game is usually higher.
  • The games are usually focused on baccarat and ball games.
  • Because payment is made afterwards, it can lead to insufficient funds for payment in the end.

Fraudulent Casino

Cashing method

When they’re trying to catch a big fish in the long run, they would pay out a small amount to the victims first.

How to distinguish​

  • Attract people with “absolutely make money” or high odds and high discounts.
  • It is very easy to win on the platform and easily obtain high bonuses.
  • When trying to cash out, various unreasonable fees will start to be charged: handling fees, etc.
  • If unreasonable fees are not paid, threatening victims with lawsuits as a scare tactic.

India TOP 50 Casino APP Ranking 2024

Rank Brand Score Click
NO.1 1Ace ★★★★★ 1ace reviews
NO.2 Dafabet ★★★★★ dafabet reviews
NO.3 1xBet ★★★★★ 1xbet reviews
NO.4 Yolo247 ★★★★★ iplwin reviews
NO.5 Lotus365 ★★★★★ 1win reviews
NO.6 4RABET ★★★★★ 4rabet reviews
NO.7 Fun88 ★★★★★ fun88 reviews
NO.8 Bet365 ★★★★★ bet365 reviews
NO.9 T20win ★★★★★ t20win reviews
NO.10 Crickex ★★★★★ crickex reviews
NO.11 WinBuzz ★★★★★ winbuzz reviews
NO.12 Laser247 ★★★★★ laser247 reviews
NO.13 PlayinExch ★★★★★ playinexch reviews
NO.14 IPLwin ★★★★☆ yolo247 reviews
NO.15 King567 ★★★★☆ King567 review
NO.16 1Win ★★★★☆ lotus365 reviews
NO.17 12Bet ★★★★☆ 12bet reviews
NO.18 Khelo24bet ★★★★☆ khelo24bet review
NO.19 Sky247 ★★★★☆ sky247 reviews
NO.20 Mostbet ★★★★☆ mostbet reviews
NO.21 Betstarexch ★★★★☆ betstarexch reviews
NO.22 Cricbet99 ★★★★☆ cricbet99 reviews
NO.23 Betway ★★★★☆ betway reviews
NO.24 Dafawin ★★★★☆ dafawin reviews
NO.25 GullyBet ★★★★☆ GullyBet review
NO.26 KheloYar ★★★★ kheloyar reviews
NO.27 Becric ★★★★ becric reviews
NO.28 ACE2KING ★★★★ ace2king reviews
NO.29 Sikwin ★★★★ sikwin reviews
NO.30 Goawin ★★★★ goawin review
NO.31 Ekbet ★★★★ Ekbet review
NO.32 SatSport ★★★★ satsport reviews
NO.33 11xplay ★★★★ 11Xplay reviews
NO.34 10Cric ★★★★ 10CRIC review
NO.35 Indibet ★★★★ Indibet review
NO.36 Gold365 ★★★★ Gold365 reviews
NO.37 Run567 ★★★★ run567 reviews
NO.38 Rich11 ★★★★ rich11 reviews
NO.39 JeetWin ★★★★ JeetWin review
NO.40 WinMatch ★★★★ WinMatch reviews
NO.41 Tez888 ★★★★ tez888 reviews
NO.42 Odds96 ★★★★ odds96 reviews
NO.43 55Ace ★★★☆ 55ace reviews
NO.44 99Exch ★★★☆ 99exch reviews
NO.45 Tigerexch ★★★☆ tigerexch reviews
NO.46 Gugobet ★★★☆ GUGOBET review
NO.47 Raja567 ★★★☆ Raja567 review
NO.48 RajaBets ★★★☆ RajaBets review
NO.49 RajBet ★★★☆ RajBet review
NO.50 BetBarter ★★★☆ BetBarter review

About JuAri7

Why does JuAri7 collect this information to provide to all players? Because JuAri7 has experienced many online casino scams when first entering the online gambling world, so we understand the confusion of new players just joining. Therefore, we are committed to providing services that make it easy for players to choose quality and suitable online casinos.

Casino FAQ

You can refer to JuAri7’s various reviews of online casinos and make decisions based on the following factors:

  • Casino promotions and bonuses
  • Withdrawal speed of the casino
  • Variety of games offered by the casino
  • Length of time the casino has been in operation.

The legal status of online gambling in India is somewhat ambiguous and varies by state. As most online casinos operate using third-party payment gateways, players do not need to worry too much.

Many online casinos share their members’ information with each other, resulting in receiving numerous spam messages after registering with one online casino. However, online casinos certified by JuAri7 do not have such problems or situations.

If you win at an online casino, you can directly withdraw your winnings on the platform. However, due to the existence of many black market scam casinos, it is still recommended that players play at JuAri7-certified online casinos for better security.

Most online casino games are provided by game developers, and the casino does not have control over the gameplay. Therefore, it is impossible for online casinos to manipulate the outcome of the games in order to cheat their players out of money.

Yes, it is possible to make money through online casinos, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. Online casinos offer a variety of games, including slot machines, poker, roulette, and more, where players can place bets and win prizes. However, gambling is inherently unpredictable and risky, so profits can easily turn into losses. Additionally, in order to ensure safety, players should choose legal and reputable online casinos to play on.

If you unfortunately encounter a situation where you are unable to withdraw money from an online casino, and after clarifying the reason, if you have not violated any online casino rules, you can report the issue to the police for fraud prevention, or seek assistance from JuAri7.

In cash-based online casinos, withdrawals are typically processed through bank transfers in Indian Rupees (INR) at a 1:1 exchange rate.

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